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Travel Services in Nepal

Nepal Easy Trek provides the best Travel Services in Nepal and Tour packages from one destination to another.It would be easy and convenient if one has a reliable travel agency to help you out.  How do you find such a travel service and tour in Nepal?We provide all of you Nepal Travel Services and Tour, Trekking in Nepal, Tibet Tour, Bhutan Tour and many more. When looking for an agency in Nepal it is important that the agency provides the correct information and the best services in the field.

Another thing that you should look into is the great customer service that we provide and if it offers discounted rates too.  It is also important that they offer personal and efficient service to assist you with any questions you may have while traveling in Nepal. A good communication skill is an important factor.

Would it not be wonderful to see a staff who knows how to care its customers? It should be ready to organize tours and treks for groups or individual travelers of different race, creed, status and age.  The staff should be well-informed and sensitive to issues related to the hospitality and international standards. The guides should be very knowledgeable and who are proud of their land and heritage.

The travel agency should also be ready to provide traveling solutions such as vehicle rental, hotel accommodation,trekking, tour and ticket booking, meet and greet services in Nepal, VIP services, special events planning, entertainment, airport pick up and drop services, etc. The office should have a 24-hour hotline serviceto response your worries and queries.

As a service-oriented industry, it should be open around the clock to answer questions as soon as possible. It should have a website that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and have useful links for added references. The visit website should also be a secured site and trouble-free. People can get easily attracted to visit our websites that built professionally and organized with us in Nepal.

The company’s operation department must be managed by reliable and qualified staff. The staff must always be on stand-by ready to help and ensure your comfort throughout your journey. The office must be ready to handle visa inquiries too. The company must be registered with the government and participate in travel associations. A travel agency in Nepal that cares for its customers’ welfare will go out of its way of advising their visitors to consult a physician before embarking on a destination that would require physical activities.  It should be sensitive to special needs of their guests such as infants, elderly people, pregnant women and those with disabilities.

It should also be ready to work with other travel agencies to foster friendship among countries and help boost tourism. This kind of business relies so much on its customer that is why it should be prepared to make traveling easy for everyone.

Trekking in Nepal

Our long experience has shown us that a small group with an international mix of members makes for a harmonious for with ask on the trail. Our trekking groups have a maximum of 2 Group size pax) 4 Pax size Group)

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Tour in Nepal

Welcome to the Himalayan country of Mt. Everest, Nepal. Home to some of the cultures and religions that have shaped the philosophical outlook of the civilized world for the last thousand years.Nepal is not only a paradise for adventurers but a scenic revelation and an educational in it to all the visitors.

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Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal has been famous among the trekkers who love to challenge the peaks on foot. The great height of the majestic mountains covering the wonderful Himalayan range of Nepal welcomes every tourist. It is an ideal tourist destination especially for those interested in Nepal Himalayan mountain climbing.

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Mountain Expeditions

Nepal is popular Mountain expedition great Adventure has provided you already gone on an exhilarating Nepal mountain climbing and expedition Himalayan in Nepal, safe people in Nepal Himalayan and take care very much enjoy and make frankly.

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White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in Nepal is one of the thrilling water adventure activities you will love during your Nepal tour visit.

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Jungle Safari Tour

Jungle Safari Tour in Nepal is one of the adventurous tours into the deep and dense forest of the Terai region. The safari tour is very much different with mountaineering and Himalaya trekking in the northern part of the Nepal. Your Nepal tour is somewhat incomplete without the jungle safari tour.

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Domestic Air Ticketing

First of all, we would like to welcome you to Nepal, the home of Mt. Everest and the Himalayas. We make your dream successful with travel and trekking in Himalayan country Nepal. We are offering the best and cheap domestic air ticketing services all over in Nepal.

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Mountain Flight

Mountain flight in Nepal is the best and the shortest trip option to explore the thrilling views of the Himalayas. Mountain flight is very famous in Nepal and most of the domestic airlines are servicing the tourists with their best Himalayan flight for you. We offer you the exotic mountain flight that takes you just over the giant mountains like Mt. Everest, Fishtail, Annapurna and so forth.

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Hotel Reservation

Welcome to Nepal for your trekking and holiday tours in the Himalayan country. We can arrange good and modern accommodations for your Nepal Holiday, which fit your wishes and economic considerations. Please contact us to book a hotel / resort at a reasonable price.

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Provides Independent Proter & Guide

Nepal Easy Trek provides independent Trekking Guide and porters for Trekking in Nepal, the home land of legendary Mountains and we are here to serve you. We present a full choice of Popular Himalayan treks of varying length and difficulty to suit all preferences, age groups and level of experience.

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Tamang Heritage Trek

Welcome to Tamang Heritage Trek.One of the newest Trekking in Nepal boasting of the Tamang and Tibetan culture, their craftsmanship traditionally built stone houses and the beautifully carved wooden porches. This area is one of the originated homelands of the indigenous Tamang people and also home of the elusive snow leopard and red panda. This Tamang Heritage trekking portrays breathtaking mountain range and life style of the people wearing their traditional dress.

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Fixed Departure Trek

Welcome to the Himalayan country, Nepal. Explore the popular trekking in Nepal with us. We have designed various fixed departure trekking packages for you. You can choose your trekking destinations and packages depending upon your available holiday duration.

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Himalayan Helicopters Tour all Reason of Nepal

Himalayan Helicopters Tour all Reason of Nepal. Helicopters have rapidly gained popularity for mountain tour and Mt, Everest sightseeing 3 hour from kathmandu. The helicopter stops at Syangboche tgive you a brake.

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Nepal Himalayan Paragliding

Our 10 day tours offer you a fantastic introduction to flying in the Nepal Himalayan. Do not think that you have to be full on comp pilot to fly here. The truth is that almost any level of experience will see you equally enjoying the pilot friendly conditions that this unique subtropical climate provides.

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Looking For Recommended Guide

We recommend Mr. Mohan as an experienced, best and a helpful Trekking guide in Nepal. That way our family loves to recommend as Guide for Mr. Mohan and join him for trekking in Nepal. He organizes All Regions Trekking in Nepal, Tibet Tour, Nepal Tour and all kinds of services given in Nepal.

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Guaranteed Fixed Departure date Trek

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We provide Guaranteed Fixed Departure Trek dates so that it will be easier for you to plan and book your preferred Nepal trekking packages with us.

We have many trekking in Nepal packages available for you. If you are first time traveler planning to trek in Nepal, let us know so that we can offer you the best trekking itinerary based on your budget and duration available.

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Home Stay in Nepal

Home Stay in Nepal offers you the best opportunity to explore the unique local lifestyle and the traditions culture of the villages you visit. You will explore the different ethnic people living in various village settlements.

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